Evidence Bag 3 – Elimination

Well done detective. You may now open evidence bag 3!

You may also access the evidence bag 3 accompanying online information which can be found on this website. This page is password protected. The password of the page is little anagram made up of the following letters:

The last letter in the surname of the youngest suspect and the last letter in the first name of the suspect with two jobs and the fourth letter in the first name of the suspect wearing a tie and the seventh letter in the first name of the suspect born in June 1987 and the whole of the surname of the person who plays Cricket.

We recommend that you keep this current page open on 1 device throughout the game. If you only have 1 device we would recommend that you open the page above in another tab.

Your next task is to eliminate 2 suspects. You should do this by looking through all the physical an online information that you have from evidence bag 3.

You should enter the 2 suspects you would like to eliminate below in alphabetical order. Good luck.